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Mothers' Education and Support Program receives support for another year Celebration

Lighthouse Ministries held a reception to celebrate the funding and continuation of the Working Mothers’ Education and Support Program.  Designed to prevent child abuse and neglect, this program has enrolled almost 250 mothers since its beginning in 2006.  Funded entirely by grants, The Children’s Trust of South Carolina is continuing to fund the program with a $30,000 grant. Additional program supporters are Women in Philanthropy, Supremes LLC, Highland Park UMC, KJ’s IGA, Bank of America, The Junior League of Florence, Florence Lions Club, Doug’s Harley Davidson, and Townhouse Restaurant. 

We are grateful for the support of each and every one of these organizations and businesses as well as Elizabeth Poston for facilitating the program, all child care providers, Lighthouse Ministries’ Mother’s Advocates, and everyone else associated with the program.

Most mothers completing the program agree that is has changed their lives. Ms. B said she learned “how to be a good parent. Instead of beating they taught how to go a better way.”  Ms. S. said, “I can deal with tantrums better and stay calm.  I have learned how to say no to kids and how to deal with positive behavior and negative.”  When commenting on her new financial skills, Ms. L said, “I am actually not in the hole anymore!”

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L to R - Cecilia Meggs, Lighthouse Ministries Executive Director, Steve Vandenberg and Peggy Hudson with the Florence Lion’s Club. Karen Romanyzyn, a volunteer with the Working Mothers’ Education and Support Program speaks about the program.
mothers 2-3
Cecilia Meggs addresses the supporters of the Working Mothers’ Education and Support Program.
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A graduate of the program, Carol Bethea, tells how the Working Mothers’ Education and Support Program has improved her life.
mothers 6
  Rep. Robert Williams addressed those in attendance.
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The cake is cut by a graduate, Carol Bethea, assisted by Elizabeth Poston, class facilitator. Supremes, LLC Human Resources Manager, Leonard Lowery, center, stops to chat with Ada Antoine, Program Coordinator (L) and Edna Johnson, Working Mothers' Education and Support Program child care provider.


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