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Lighthouse Ministries partners with Shekinah Glory Seventh-day

Adventist Church to build a ramp!
Shekinah Ramp 1
Shekinah Ramp 2
Shekinah Ramp 3
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Shekinah Ramp 5

“James Richards” (not his real name) has limited mobility and was not able to maneuver in and out of his home as independently as he once did. His wife found it difficult to assist him up and down the steps of their home when he had medical appointments, attended church services, or when they attended other outings together. After learning about Lighthouse Ministries’ Ramp Assistance Medical Program (RAMP), and qualifying for services, the organization was able to assist them with construction supplies to build a wheelchair ramp. The members of James’ church, Shekinah Glory Seventh-day Adventist Church, rallied together to continue this support by volunteering to complete the project. Participating church members were David Cannon, Elder Daryl S. Anderson, pastor, Ulysses Brown, Samuel Thomas, Ibe Whittaker, Chris Townsend, Rudolph Antoine, Michael Brooks, Emmanuel Winston and Edrick Preddie. The ladies prepared lunch, as the men diligently labored in construction. Elder Daryl S. Anderson, Sr., pastor of the church said he thought the opportunity “to get others involved is an awesome idea. This is ministry. We sometimes think ministry is happening out of pews, but this is what Jesus did. It’s called servant leadership.” Both James and his wife were happy with the completed ramp. Looking admirably on at the ramp, James said, “This is a blessing. This is real good.”

Thank you to Lighthouse Ministries for helping to make a difference, and for assisting another family with regained independence!


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