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2012 - BBQ Fundraiser, Another Great Success!

Once again the BBQ was catered by Schoolhouse BBQ of Scranton. Plates consisted of Schoolhouse’s famous barbeque, rice and red gravy, sweet potatoes, coleslaw and bread.  If you missed out on this great event, come see us next year.  A special thank you to St. John’s Episcopal Church for again providing a facility for our fundraiser.

bbq 1 bbq 2
The work begins! Volunteers started preparing plates for early delivery. Lynne from Schoolhouse BBQ proudly models Tammy Dickerson’s “BBQ Princess” tiara.
bbq 3 bbq 4
Irresistible home baked goodies were available for purchase both outside and inside. The prep line kept moving at a fast pace to get orders out on time.
bbq5 bbq6
James Ross, Lighthouse Ministries volunteer, tapes boxes for deliveries while Tammy Dickerson, board member and BBQ chairperson, kept everything running smoothly. Enjoying lunch!


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